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A girl with messy hair and some craziness in her life.
Always laughing, talking and being hyperactive.
Hate is bad, hate is nothing but sadness and waste of our times.
Love everyone and you are happy for long time.

Music is her passion, the world is not same without melodies.
Got her first Iphone about month ago, and yeah, you can hear her asking: "How the hell did I survive without this so many years?".
Her playlists are crazy and when she's clubbing, oh boy, the dancefloor is all hers. (or atleast that what she thinks :D)

Somewhere during the year 2009 she heard a voice of angel and saw the look of perfection. What was life before that? Don't ask it her, cause all she knows is that her life is chage for ever. Black nailpolish, black eyeliner, blue eyes and glitter everywhere. You could think that she just told you the basics of Adam Lambert, but you are so wrong. That is what she's today, with black hair of course.

Then there was website called livejournal and some awesome communities and then there was KRADAM. Life flips around again, her heart never survive and now there's nothing else than plaid and glitter. Or so she thinks at that time.
Then in summer 2010 she saw that one tour coming, she saw the videos of every concert so far and she saw that little blonde guy, she saw Adam and she saw the KISS. After that, there's nothing more than L.O.V.E all around.

She loves writing, she loves reading and she loves people who share her intrest.
Friends are the most important thing in her life, and every new gal or guy who wants to get know her, be her friend, will always be in her heart. There's nothing more beautiful than friendship.

Last thing to say; english is not her first language, she will make mistakes but she is doing what she loves, so be patient with her. Help if you can / want and she like it :)

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